All you need is love

Five days away. The race of the year. TWCM13, here you come! You have trained, hydrated, tapered, looked at all the data on dailymile, taken hundreds of photos (your facebook friends have all but disowned you), and Dec 1st can’t come soon enough now!

If this is your first race-  CONGRATULATIONS! PB (personal best) guaranteed! Get ready, get psyched, while we roll out the red carpet for you. If it’s your second, third, fifth or hundredth race, THANK YOU for signing up for TWCM. We hope you meet all your goals, crack a PB, have tons of fun (and alienate your FB friends further with smiling running photos).

Some quick tips in the run up to race day:

Don’t worry, be happy – Seriously, just chill. You have done the best you can. Spend the next few days pampering yourself – get some extra sleep tomorrow; a gentle run on thursday; finish up work deadlines on friday; pick up your bib, say hi to us, and then go home and put your feet up all day saturday.

Imagine – You have seen the route. There is that flyover. The beach. Gandhi statue. Imagine yourself running along the route. Visualise the start and finish points. Plan your finish line photo pose! Check us out, enjoying Thiru Vi Ka bridge in slow mo!

U Smile – Speaking of which, hone your camera spotting skill. Square your shoulders, flash a smile – no matter how tired you feel, this will help you! Ask this other person who ran the New York City Marathon recently !

Put your drinks up – You are going to sweat till you can sweat no more. It’s Chennai man! Do your body a favour, increase your fluid intake from tomorrow. What’s that? Yeah, it’s ok, ask your family to stop making fun of how many times you go pee.

All my bags are packed – No kidding! Plan every single item you will wear or take with you on race day. Inner to outer wear. Don’t shop for socks now. Wear the socks you are used to in training. Also shoes, shorts, tshirt, cap, bandaids (chafing prevention), vaseline (also chafing prevention), sun-block (if you are used to it), watch, fuel belt, etc. Make a list! Wear nothing new on race day!

The Rain in Spain – A little rain goes a long way. If it rains on race day, embrace the slush & the cooler temps, and if you don’t like getting your hair wet, wear a hat. A light weight one, preferably. Full marathoners may want to request friends to keep a spare set of socks on hand and change mid-way. Step a little more cautiously – especially in wet mud and puddles. Chennai rain (because it’s sort of warm) is really super to run in! Enjoy it!

Just ‘Eat It – It’s recommended that you don’t get adventurous now with food. Stick to things your body knows. For FM & HM runners it may be a good idea to up the carbohydrates a bit. Not to say you should be hitting the French Fries and Onion Vadams. Keep it simple, just enjoy this phase!

What do you think? Are you pumped? Ready to hit the road? Can’t wait? Have any more tips to share – things that work for you in the last few days leading up to a big race? Comments section is open folks!

TWCM13! Everybody! 

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  1. Mahendran says:

    awesome and refreshing one…… loved it…

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